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Independent Pharmacy Offers Unparalleled Services

independent pharmacy

Selecting a pharmacy for your family’s needs can seem challenging, especially when there seems to be a drugstore on every corner. Although corporate pharmacies have several benefits, it is important to know that local independent pharmacies offer a distinct set of benefits – a focus on providing individualized attention and unique custom-made services.

For more than 40 years, Cypress Pharmacy has served the Fort Myers community as a health and wellness partner, providing an unparalleled pharmacy experience. The remarkable Cypress Pharmacy staff interacts with each patient to truly understand their individual needs, resulting in customizable health regimens.

Cypress Pharmacy offers several unique custom-made services including:

· clinical services – immunizations and in-store flu, strep, cholesterol and glucose testing to to improve convenience and access to important health services

· personalized wellness consultations and supplement plans – to ensure patients are properly supported in reaching for their unique performance and wellness goals once they step outside the pharmacy

· medication packaging – designed to increase medication compliance and reduce the risk of misuse for patients with even the most complex regimens

· medication therapy management -to optimize the benefits of prescribed medications, including increasing patient adherence and reducing the risk of adverse drug interactions

· medication disposal – to help patients safely dispose of unused and expired medication

· medication synchronization – designed to streamline and simplify medication management for patients by synchronizing all of a patient’s prescriptions to be filled on the same day each month

· free monthly vitamins for children and adults aged 50+ – to help patients acquire all the nutrients needed to achieve healthy living

· custom medication compounding for patients and pets – to ensure medication can be taken easily in a patient-preferred form

· free local delivery – especially useful for older, less mobile customers who may live alone

One unique service provided by Cypress Pharmacy that truly sets it apart is custom medication compounding. This practice is both an art and a science, which involves preparing personal, customized medications. While many pharmacies do not offer compounding services, and much more are unfamiliar with the art, Cypress Pharmacy is happy to serve the Fort Myers community by customizing medications for the whole family. Compounding is a great solution for patients who are:

· allergic to preservatives or dyes

· sensitive to standard drug strengths

· unable to easily swallow a capsule and require medication in a liquid form

The highly skilled staff at Cypress Pharmacy can also change the strength of a prescribed medication, alter its form making it easier to ingest and add flavor to make a medication more appealing – especially great for kids. Going a step further, the staff at Cypress Pharmacy can prepare medication using several different delivery methods, such as a cream, ointment, troche, suppository or capsule.

In addition to providing compounding services for dental, dermatological, pain management, pediatric and adult medications, Cypress Pharmacy also offers compounding for pets! Animals are notorious for refusing to swallow pills, or eating right around those disguised in their food. Cypress Pharmacy pharmacists can help your animal family members feel better fast, by preparing pet medications in easy-to-give dosage forms. No matter if your pet is a cat, dog, ferret, bird or snake, Cypress Pharmacy’s pet flavor options will make medication irresistible to any pet!

The greatest benefit patients enjoy when using a local independent pharmacy is an unparalleled personalized experience. We look forward to getting to know you and servicing your unique health and wellness needs!

About Justin Ceravolo

Justin Ceravolo, also known as J.T., earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy in 2012. That same year, J.T. began working in Florida’s Panhandle before becoming a new member of the Cypress Pharmacy family in October of 2012. Cypress Pharmacy believes that each patient, whether he or she is a human or pet, should be given their own special attention and service. J.T. strives to continue advancing Cypress Pharmacy’s already phenomenal reputation. J.T. hopes to continue building strong relationships with all his patients and will continue to do all that is necessary to promote their well-being. Whether you need your medication in another compounded form or you simply need advice, J.T. will ensure fast and efficient service that goes above and beyond your average pharmacy.

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